2017 Year End Appeal


When you or a family member has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, where do you turn?

If you’re like many, you contact Rolfe Foundation.

That’s because you will receive immediate access to resources such as second opinions, genetic counseling, pain management, nutritionists, and survivors. You’ll be treated like a real person by dedicated, compassionate staff and board members.  

To complement this support, we:

  • Launched a public awareness campaign in 10 Midwest states called Pancreatic Cancer: It’s Personal – Know Your Family, Know Your Risk encouraging those with a family history of pancreatic cancer to begin the path of early detection by speaking to a doctor or genetic counselor.
  • Supported a tablet-based pancreatic cancer family history tool at NYU, which will gather detailed familial data and guide clinical care for patients and family members, thus improving early detection testing criteria. The tool can eventually be used as an app on any device.
  • Created a unique partnership with UChicago Medicine called The Patient Navigator Program, which provides personalized services to individuals who contact the Foundation with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. UChicago will provide a quick response for second  opinions, appointments, and testing.
  • Funded Early Detection Research at Johns Hopkins by developing an organoid bank to identify pancreatic precursor lesions, and Mayo Clinic by focusing on finding genetic mutations in familial pancreatic cancer.

Early detection research is advancing and the Rolfe Foundation will stay at the cutting edge – for you, for your loved ones, and for every person fighting this disease. Your tax-deductible donation will help make significant progress possible. Right here. Right now. Please send your gift today.