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01/18/2018: Rolfe Funds Detection and Localization of Surgically Resectable Cancers
Since its inception, the Rolfe Foundation has been at the forefront in supporting early detection pancreatic cancer research. We are thrilled to have funded an early detection study at Johns Hopkins that can screen for 8 cancers, through liquid biopsies, including pancreatic cancer. This is a significant step toward saving lives and, ultimately, toward a cure for pancreatic cancer! READ MORE 

October 2017

10/01/2017: Celebrate Hope: Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation
A fantastic crowd filled 210 Restaurant & Live Music Lounge in Highwood for the inaugural fundraiser chaired by Rachel Sheinkop and Brian Blitz. Guests enjoyed dancing to live music, cocktails, and a presentation by Live Art International. Pancreatic cancer survivor Derek Faust and Dr. Matthew Adess from NorthShore Univsersity HealthSystem spoke about their experiences with the illness and hope for the future. Over $66,000 was raised to support early detection research and provide support services for patients and their families. READ MORE

September 2017

09/29/2017: Pancreatic Cancer and Family History
Rolfe Foundation is proud and excited to announce that there is a simple family history tool in the works to help you 'Know Your Family' and 'Know Your Risk.' Dr. Diane Simeone's project is funded by the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation (thanks to our wonderful supporters!) and will help doctors glean the information they need to ensure that everyone who has an elevated risk enrolls in a proper screening program. It would also allow these patients to have an opportunity to participate in clinical trials to test promising new blood-based biomarkers for the Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer. READ MORE

June 2017

06/22/2017: Rolfe Foundation Announces Grant To Support Expansion Of Online Early Detection Tools
The Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, a leading Midwest institution with a mission of being a catalyst for the early detection and ultimate cure of pancreatic cancer, today announced a $100,000 grant for Diane Simeone, M.D., Director of the Pancreatic Cancer Center at NYU Langone Medical Center, in partnership with genetic software company Progeny. The grant aims to strengthen a tablet-based pancreatic cancer family history tool to gather complete, detailed familial data and guide clinical care for patients and family members, while improving early detection testing criteria. READ MORE

06/01/2017:  NBC Making A Difference: Featuring Rolfe Foundation
The Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, aiming to promote early detection and ultimate cure of pancreatic cancer, talks to NBC 5's Art Norman about the Dash for Detection on June 11 at Soldier Field. The 5K Walk/Run for Pancreatic Cancer Research raises money to help advance the cure. READ MORE

May 2017

05/08/2017:  Pancreatic Cancer: It's Personal
Those who have had a family member diagnosed with pancreatic cancer understand: it’s personal. Pancreatic cancer comes with little warning, and the timeframe from diagnosis to death is often very short, creating a life-altering impact on survivors and families. Detection of pancreatic cancer in early stages impacts survival rates for this deadly disease. What can you do to help early detection? First, know your family. Then, know your risk for pancreatic cancer. READ MORE

March 2017

03/08/2017:  DASH for Detection - SUNDAY, JUNE 11TH
The race for early detection is on! DASH for Detection is a family friendly 5K walk/run that takes place along Chicago’s magnificent lakefront. Whether you’re a runner, jogger, team leader, volunteer, or cheering spectator – at the end of the day, you’re a catalyst for change, and a supporter of early detection pancreatic cancer research. READ MORE

03/01/2017:  March Mania 2017
With March Madness almost upon us, it’s time to join the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation - Young Professionals Board March Mania bracket competition! Support early detection pancreatic cancer research, all while rooting for your favorite NCAA team. READ MORE

February 2017

02/21/2017:  We Are In It Together
Another Mitzvah Project for early detection. Eden Schenk, a young woman from the suburbs of Chicago, supports the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation in honor of her grandfather. "My papa was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two years ago. I knew I didn't want him to fight this horrible disease alone, so I chose to do something to help," said Schenk. READ MORE

02/21/2017:  New Home, New Grants, New Chapter
In 2016, the Rolfe Foundation expanded into a new home, increased grant allocation by 30%, and set new records for events and fundraising. Propelled by success, Rolfe leadership is honing in on the next phase of our mission and rolling out exciting plans for an ambitious future.  READ MORE

02/21/2017:  A Fellow On The Front Line
Meet Elizabeth Poli, M.D., a University of Chicago resident determined to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. As the newest Rolfe Foundation fellow, she spends her days pursuing a career in surgical oncology and researching the relationship between the immune system and pancreatic cancer.  READ MORE

02/21/2017:  Proactive Patients & Genetic Counseling
A family history of pancreatic cancer is one of the disease’s more notable risk factors. While scientists continue to pursue a universal screening test, genetic counselors help patients’ families identify their unique potential risks, allowing them to be proactive about their health and future.  READ MORE

02/21/2017:  COMMITTED TO A CURE: Meet Team Goldberg
Attorney Michael Goldberg has dedicated his career to representing local labor unions in court. Last summer, after discovering the man who had always supported them was battling pancreatic cancer, his family and friends in the rank-and-file resolved to return the favor.  READ MORE


December 2016

12/01/2016:  Kendra Scott Gives Back
Enjoy sips, sweets and jewels at an official Kendra Gives Back event benefitting Rolfe’s YPB November Events Campaign at the renowned retailer’s Michigan Avenue location.  Whether you need some dashing new threads for yourself, or are looking to give a seriously stylish holiday season gift, Kendra Scott and the Rolfe Foundation Young Professionals Board have you covered. READ MORE

November 2016

11/29/2016:  Giving Tuesday!
Move over Black Friday and Cyber Monday; Giving Tuesday is here to stay! The widely recognized shopping events have some serious competition with the newest spending day, Giving Tuesday. The Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the US) kicks off the charitable season and we urge you to consider funding early detection pancreatic cancer research when making your end-of-year gifts! READ MORE

11/21/2016:  Guest Bartending at Vaughan’s
Toast to funding early detection pancreatic cancer research with the Rolfe Foundation Young Professionals Board as members of YPB try their hand behind the taps for a guest bartending event at Vaughan’s Pub in Lakeview. READ MORE

11/17/2016: Get Fit With YPB
Have you ever thought that working out would be so much more fun if it was less about lifting weights and more about dancing?  If you have, you’re in luck! READ MORE

Imagine if we could unite the planet in support of a common goal. That’s the idea behind World Pancreatic Cancer Day. November 17, 2016, is a day we will unite and make our voices heard. In the battle against pancreatic cancer we will show the world we are #InItTogether. According to a worldwide survey, sixty percent of people know “almost NOTHING” about pancreatic cancer. It’s time to elevate the global conversation and draw attention to pancreatic cancer and the need for greater awareness. By showing the world we are in this fight together, we hope to save lives and create a brighter future for people around the globe. READ MORE

11/11/2016: YPB's Holiday Party
This year marks the Rolfe Foundation Young Professionals Board's FIFTH OUTING of our annual Holiday Party celebration, and with your help we're going to make it an anniversary for the ages! READ MORE

11/05/2016: United in Purple: Walk To Benefit Pancreatic Cancer
Help make United in Purple Walk through downtown Northbrook a huge success! Everyone is invited, bring friends and family. READ MORE

11/05/2016: Workout with Bellicon
Join the Rolfe Foundation’s YPB for an introductory class at Bellicon: West Loop. Jump into Bellicon’s world as you jump around on the trampoline, and alternate between a fierce cardio workout and some super strength training. READ MORE

Ever wanted to eat pizza for charity?  Now’s your chance!  On Tuesday, November 1st Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is partnering with the Rolfe Foundation to take a slice out of pancreatic cancer.  In honor of November being Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, select Lou’s locations are participating in a charitable Giving Day, and are donating 20% of their sales to Rolfe’s YPB November Events campaign. READ MORE

October 2016

10/17/2016: Total Health Challenge
The Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation has teamed up with Chicago Primal Gym to offer the "Total Health Challenge," a 25-day fitness program starting Monday, October 17th. READ MORE

September 2016

09/26/2016: Another Young Supporter!
Read about how this young man is "healing the world" and raising necessary funds for the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation and our mission to find an early detection pancreatic cancer test. READ MORE

09/25/2016: Spare A Life: Strike Out Pancreatic Cancer
Support Jessica Rolfe's Mitzvah Project to benefit the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation‬. Join Jessica, family, and friends at this community event from 4:00PM - 6:00PM at Brunswick Zone Bowling Alley in Deerfield, IL on Sunday, September 25th to raise money for early detection pancreatic cancer research. READ MORE

09/04/2016: Roger Y. Tsien, Nobel Winner and Former Rolfe Funded Scientist, Dies at 64
His death was announced by the University of California, San Diego, where he was a professor of chemistry and biochemistry. ‬READ MORE

09/01/2016: An Eventful Year
Whether it's a family friendly 5K or a spectacular speakeasy, Rolfe Foundation events help push pancreatic cancer research to new frontiers. In the midst of a successful 2016 calendar, the Foundation has its eye on the horizon, and is working to expand its reach and enlist new allies in the search for early detection. READ MORE

09/01/2016: Why Early Detection?
Before the mammorgram, the PSA test, and the colonoscopy, the cancer landscape was radically different for patients with tumors found in their breast, prostate, or colon. Time and again, breakthroughs in early detection research have played a key role in improving the fortunes of families confronted with a cancer diagnosis. READ MORE 

09/01/2016: Educating Our Future
For a homework assignment, Naperville fifth grader Sofia Cabrera had to give a presentation on a world problem in need of fixing. With her late grandmother in mind, Sofia resolved to educate her classmates about the bane of pancreatic cancer, and to demonstrate how even middle school students can contribute to a cure. READ MORE

09/01/2016: COMMITTED TO A CURE: Meet Maggie Brophy
Seven years after her mother's pancreatic cancer diagnosis, Maggie Brophy was introduced to the Rolfe Foundation by chance, during a real estate showing. Upon inquiring how she could contribute, Maggie discovered the Fondation needed someone to launch a junior board. Which is exactly what she did. READ MORE

August 2016

08/16/2016: Marquette Bank Does It Again & We Couldn't Be More Grateful!
The longtime supporters hosted their 6th annual 'Evelyn's Walk' in remembrance of former employee, Evelyn Schap, who passed away from‪ ‎Pancreatic Cancer‬ in 2010. More than 80 bank employees and family members participated in the walk, donating the profits to the ‪Rolfe Foundation‬. READ MORE

July 2016

07/21/2016: United for a Cure: Benefiting the Rolfe Foundation
Join the Illinois AFL-CIO, Chicago Federation of Labor, Chicago and Cook County Building Trades, and the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation in honoring Michael B. Goldberg and Joseph A. Borrelli. Enjoy fantastic raffle/auction items, food, music, and cocktails all while learning more about pancreatic cancer and early detection pancreatic cancer research. READ MORE

07/17/2016: YPB's Cruisin for a Cure 2016
With your support, Cruisin’ for a Cure 2016 raised more than $52,000 benefiting early detection pancreatic cancer research. That makes Cruisin’ 2016 YPB’s most successful event to date! READ MORE

June 2016

06/14/2016: Rolfe Young Professionals Board - Meet and Greet
Join the Rolfe YPB for drink specials and complementary appetizers on the beautiful roof deck of Citizen Bar! Get to know our current board members, and find answers to any questions you have about our work, the Ambassadors Program, and our plans for the future. READ MORE

May 2016

05/14/2016: Kiss My PancreASS
The DASH for Detection Team ‪#‎bigDfaust‬ is at it again!! Join supporters of Derek "Big D" Faust for a fun night benefiting the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. Enjoy tasty food, drinks, clever themed t-shirts, and a great band that loves to give back to their community through charity shows - Borrowed Time! READ MORE

05/12/2016: Rolfe Helps Support the Launch of Let's Win PC!
We are excited and proud to support the launch of Let's Win! This is an online community for those affected by‪ Pancreatic Cancer‬ to share experiences with innovative science driven treatments and learn about the newest research, breakthroughs and clinical trials. Join us today at and "Let's Win" this battle against pancreatic cancer! ‪READ MORE

05/06/2016: Rolfe has been featured on NBC Chicago's Making a Difference.
Kevin Braude from the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation talks about the unique challenges of ‪Pancreatic Cancer‬ and how the Rolfe Foundation is helping with ‪early detection‬ advancements. Kevin also shares his personal connection to the foundation. READ MORE

05/02/2016: Pig Pals 4 Pancreatic Cancer Support!
Sofia Cabrera, a 5th grader at Owen Elementary in Naperville, is doing a "Capstone" school project.  She chose pancreatic cancer because her grandmother died of it a few years ago. Her goal is to raise $50 by selling "Pig Pals." These are tiny, homemade, cylinder-shaped (incredibly adorable) stuffed pigs. READ MORE

April 2016

04/16/2016: DASH for Detection: Kick Off Party!
The Denim Lounge is hosting the DASH for Detection kick off party! Denim lounge is located on the North Side of Chicago in the Roscoe Village neighborhood, they offer the latest and greatest in denim for men, and women. Thanks to the generosity of The Denim Lounge, adult beverages will be provided and 20% of all sales from this event will go directly to the ‪Rolfe Foundation‬'s DASH for Detection. READ MORE

04/07/2016: Blue Orchid Goes Purple - LADIES NIGHT
The DASH for Detection team, bigDfaust, is working with Blue Orchid Salon in Highland Park to host a LADIES NIGHT on April 7th from 6-9PM in Highland Park the Blue Orchid Salon and Spa. This night includes mini spa services, appetizers, dessert, drinks, coupons toward purchases from Stella & Dot or Rodan + Fields, and much more! 100% of ticket sales goes directly to the ‪Rolfe Foundation‬. READ MORE

04/06/2016: What's Jewish about BRCA and Jean Therapy?
Our community partner, The Center for Jewish Genetics is proud to present, in partnership with the Basser Center for BRCA, a panel discussion to educate women and men in the Jewish community. Experts will discuss the risks for hereditary cancers: pancreatic, breast, ovarian, prostate, and melanoma. They will also discuss proactive steps that individuals can take to reduce that risk. READ MORE

March 2016

03/21/2016: DASH WITH US!
How do you put together a 5K for Charity? Honestly, it’s kind of a marathon. READ MORE

03/21/2016:  COMMITTED TO A CURE: Meet Art Mollenhauer
Get to know one of the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation’s newest board members. READ MORE

03/21/2016: Grantee Transforms Rolfe Funding Into Leading Research
Take a peek at life in the lab, and learn about the work and people the Rolfe Foundation supports. READ MORE

03/21/2016: Awareness In Action
Meet Charlie Chemmers, a Rolfe supporter who proves you're never too young to start giving back. READ MORE

February 2016

02/29/2016: February 29th is Leap Day!
This day only comes around every 4 years. What are you planning to do with your gift of an extra day? We think it should become 'Donate Day' - a day for giving! READ MORE

02/24/2016: Rolfe Foundation is Moving Offices - February 27, 2016
We are happy to announce that this Saturday we are moving out of the Loop and into Ravenswood. This move marks a new and exciting chapter for Rolfe. READ MORE

January 2016

01/26/2016:  Rolfe Symposium: Cancer and Your Genes - March 14, 2016
Dr. Sonia Kupfer and genetic counselor Jessica Stoll will discuss their work with the University of Chicago's Gastrointestinal Cancer Risk and Prevention Clinic, offering assessment for patients and families who may be at increased risk for gastrointestinal malignancies due to genetic factors. READ MORE

01/21/2016:  CharityScenes Social
The Rolfe YPB attended the All Associate Board Social, CharityScenes Social; an event to serve young professionals interested in joining a non-profit board. To learn about Charity Scenes READ MORE

01/11/2016: American Cancer Society: Cancer Statistics 2016
The American Cancer Society recently released their Cancer Statistics 2016 Report. Our continued work in building awareness, research, and support for Pancreatic Cancer is more necessary than ever after seeing these findings. READ MORE 

December 2015

12/09/2015: Rolfe Named Supporters of Important Study at Johns Hopkins Medicine
Study Advances Potential Test to Sort Out Precancerous Pancreatic Cysts From More Harmless Ones. In a “look-back” analysis of data stored on 130 patients with pancreatic cysts, scientists at Johns Hopkins have used gene-based tests and a fixed set of clinical criteria to more accurately distinguish precancerous cysts from those less likely to do harm. READ MORE

November 2015

11/23/2015: YPB Holiday Party 2015
A blustery winter storm was no match for the Rolfe Young Professional Board’s annual Holiday Party, which saw over 300 stylish YPB supporters pack into Underground Chicago, shake off the cold, and celebrate late into the night!  Partygoers reveled in the holiday spirit, setting new records for fundraising and attendance, and ultimately helped YPB raise more than $25,000 that will benefit pancreatic cancer research. READ MORE

11/14/2015: Pure Barre Class (Old Town Location)
The Rolfe YPB and Pure Barre Old Town joined forces with an all-level fitness session! Pure Barre gave over 100% of the funds from this donation based class (over $300 in just one hour) to the Rolfe Foundation. READ MORE

11/10/2015: Lou Malnati's Dine & Share
Thanks for supporting the Rolfe Foundation while eating delicious pizza! Lou Malnati's pledged to support early detection research by donating up to 20% of sales from their Gold Coast, River North, and Highland Park locations. READ MORE

11/08/2015: Guest Bartending at Irish Eyes
Members of the Rolfe Young Professionals Board, along with some friends, volunteered to test their skills behind the bar at Irish Eyes, a classic Lincoln Park tavern. Irish Eyes generously donated 100% of the tips (over $300) directly to benefit Rolfe's mission! READ MORE

11/05/2015: Rolfe Symposium
The Rolfe Foundation was pleased to present another installment of our Educational Symposia series Analyzing Your Genome: a Discussion on Personalized Medicine, co-hosted with Cancer Wellness Center in Northbrook, this engaging program illuminated not only how personalized medicine can be used to combat pancreatic cancer, but also how it can be used in the treatment of all cancers. READ MORE

11/03/2015: ENRGi CharityWERQ Fitness Class
The Rolfe Foundation Young Professionals Board and friends jump-started our November events by working up a good sweat for a great cause. In only one hour, they successfully raised over $200 for early detection pancreatic cancer research. READ MORE

11/02/2015: Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month
This November, to commemorate Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, the Rolfe Foundation has teamed with local businesses from the Chicagoland community to organize a lively series of educational and fundraising events. Please join us at one or more of these events and support our fight against pancreatic cancer. READ MORE

October 2015

10/20/2015: Speak Out for a Cure: A Night at the Speakeasy
Over 300 dapper guys and dolls joined the Rolfe Foundation for our inaugural speakeasy-spectacular.  Together, the Foundation and our supporters enjoyed the pleasures of the past while fueling our future endeavors; all while raising $230,000 to benefit early detection pancreatic cancer research. READ MORE

10/08/2015: What's Jewish About BRCA?
Our community partner, The Center for Jewish Genetics was proud to present, in partnership with the Basser Center for BRCA, a panel discussion to educate women and men in the Jewish community. Experts discussed your risk for hereditary cancers: pancreatic, breast, ovarian, prostate, and melanoma. READ MORE

10/01/2015: Analyzing Your Genome
We are pleased to present the next installment of our Educational Symposia series, a discussion on Personalized Medicine led by Daniel Catenacci, MD. from the University of Chicago. READ MORE

September 2015

09/01/2015: Pure Barre Raised Over $2,000 for Rolfe
We are pleased to announce that Pure Barre Deerfield surpassed their goal and collected over $2,000 in donations from generous supporters during the Pure Barre Pure Give Challenge! READ MORE

August 2015

08/12/2015: Marquette Bank Supports Rolfe
Employees of Marquette Bank, a locally-owned neighborhood bank, recently held their 5th walk in Orland Park in remembrance of Evelyn Schap, a retired senior manager, who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2010. READ MORE

July 2015

07/29/2015: Pure Barre Supports Rolfe!
Last year, Pure Barre Headquarters created their first ever "Pure Give Challenge" to raise money for special causes all over the country. It's back and this year Pure Barre Deerfield chose the Rolfe Foundation as their charity! Starting August 8th (and every Saturday after in August) the 7:45am class will be donation based with 100% of the proceeds donated to Rolfe. READ MORE

07/22/2015: Cruisin' for a Cure 2015
The sun was shining as the Rolfe Foundation Young Professionals Board (YPB) set out on Lake Michigan for their third annual Cruisin’ for a Cure. Over 200 YPB supporters took in a spectacular sunset; enjoyed live music, dancing, and fireworks; and helped make this year's Cruisin’ another smashing success. READ MORE

June 2015

06/18/2015: Speak Out for a Cure - A Night at the Speakeasy
The Rolfe Foundation's NEW Fall Event! Speak Out in the fight against pancreatic cancer at Rolfe’s newest event. In 2015, over 50,000 Americans will be diagnosed with this wildly underfunded disease. READ MORE.

06/16/2015: DASH for Detection 2015
Despite the weather, supporters of early detection pancreatic cancer research made this the best DASH yet.  READ MORE

May 2015

05/20/15: The Top Ranking Experts in Pancreatic Cancer
Expertscape, a medical search website to help healthcare consumers, recognizes the world's top institutions and medical specialists in the research and treatment of pancreatic cancer.  We are so pleased to report that 3 of the scientists on our Medical Advisory Board made this impressive list.  READ MORE

April 2015

04/08/2015: Rolfe Foundation Has a New Website!
The Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new on-line home:!!!  READ MORE

March 2015

03/20/2015: March Mania Raises Nearly $8,000
The Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation’s Young Professionals Board is pleased to announce that they have collected nearly $8,000 in donations from NCAA enthusiasts. READ MORE

December 2014

12/22/2014: Deerfield High School Concludes Fundraising Efforts
After two all-too-short weeks of remarkable fundraising efforts, Deerfield High School has concluded their student-led charity drive, School Chest 2014.  READ MORE

November 2014

11/13/2014: Rolfe Foundation Announced as winner of 2014 Deerfield High School, School Chest.
The Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation has been selected to be the beneficiary of Deerfield High School’s annual student-led charity drive, School Chest.  In years past, School Chest has raised as much as $130,000 dollars in the name of their chosen charity!  READ MORE