The Catalyst


The Catalyst: February 2017 | Issue 04

New Home, New Grants, New Chapter
In 2016, the Rolfe Foundation expanded into a new home, increased grant allocation by 30%, and set new records for events and fundraising. Propelled by success, Rolfe leadership is honing in on the next phase of our mission and rolling out exciting plans for an ambitious future.  READ MORE

A Fellow On The Front Line
Meet Elizabeth Poli, M.D., a University of Chicago resident determined to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. As the newest Rolfe Foundation fellow, she spends her days pursuing a career in surgical oncology and researching the relationship between the immune system and pancreatic cancer.  READ MORE

Proactive Patients and Genetic Counseling
A family history of pancreatic cancer is one of the disease’s more notable risk factors. While scientists continue to pursue a universal screening test, genetic counselors help patients’ families identify their unique potential risks, allowing them to be proactive about their health and future.  READ MORE

COMMITTED TO A CURE: Meet Team Goldberg
Attorney Michael Goldberg has dedicated his career to representing local labor unions in court. Last summer, after discovering the man who had always supported them was battling pancreatic cancer, his family and friends in the rank-and-file resolved to return the favor.  READ MORE

The Catalyst: September 2016 | Issue 03

An Eventful Year
Whether it's a family friendly 5K or a spectacular speakeasy, Rolfe Foundation events help push pancreatic cancer research to new frontiers. In the midst of a successful 2016 calendar, the Foundation has its eye on the horizon, and is working to expand its reach and enlist new allies in the search for early detection. READ MORE

Why Early Detection?
Before the mammogram, the PSA test, and the colonoscopy, the cancer landscape was radically different for patients with tumors found in their breast, prostate, or colon. Time and again, breakthroughs in early detection research have played a key role in improving the fortunes of families confronted with a cancer diagnosis. READ MORE 

Educating Our Future
For a homework assignment, Naperville fifth grader Sofia Cabrera had to give a presentation on a world problem in need of fixing. With her late grandmother in mind, Sofia resolved to educate her classmates about the bane of pancreatic cancer, and to demonstrate how even middle school students can contribute to a cure. READ MORE

COMMITTED TO A CURE: Meet Maggie Brophy
Seven years after her mother's pancreatic cancer diagnosis, Maggie Brophy was introduced to the Rolfe Foundation by chance, during a real estate showing. Upon inquiring how she could contribute, Maggie discovered the Fondation needed someone to launch a junior board. Which is exactly what she did. READ MORE

The Catalyst: March 2016 | Issue 02

The Race Is On: DASH WITH US!
In it's sixth year, two volunteers are taking the Rolfe Foundation's DASH for Detection to new heights, and moving it into a new home: Chicago's historic Soldier Field. Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the organizational marathon that constitutes planning a race. READ MORE

Grantee Transforms Rolfe Funding Into Leading Research
Dr. Ralph Hruban of Johns Hopkins Medicine has been a leader in the field of pancreatic cancer research for nearly thirty years. Fueled in part by fundraising efforts like the Rolfe Foundation's DASH for Detection, he continues to make inroads in the search for an early detection test. READ MORE

Awareness In Action
For his Bar Mitzvah project, Northbrook sixth grader Charlie Chemers organizeda community walk in honor of his grandfather, Gary Schwartz, who had recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Together with his friends, family, and neighbors, Charlie raised nearly $3,000 for Rolfe Foundation research. READ MORE

COMMITTED TO A CURE: Meet Art Mollenhauer
Since losing his wife, Ida, to pancreatic cancer in 2014, Art Mollenhauer (Rolfe board member) has channeled her spirit and creativitiy to become one of the DASH for Detection's most effective fundraisers. WIth this year's race nearly upon us, he's determined to build on his past success. READ MORE

The Catalyst: December 2015 | Issue 01

New Name, Same Mission
This past year marked the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Michael Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, and the occasion was celebrated with change. READ MORE

Your Gifts At Work
In 2015 the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation pledged $361,448 in grants to support cutting-edge research in top-tier laboratories across the country, a 30% increase from 2014.  READ MORE

2015: An Eventful Year
It was a blue chip year for Rolfe Foundation events.  Our supporters enjoyed a full calendar of unique, fun-filled functions, and at every turn, the Foundation smashed records for fundraising, participation and attendance. READ MORE

A Community In Service
Beyond the Foundation’s own fundraising efforts, 2015 saw the larger Rolfe community make an extraordinary show of its dedication to early detection research.  READ MORE

COMMITTED TO A CURE:  Meet Rachel Zucker-Sheinkop
Rachel Sheinkop first joined the Rolfe Foundation in 2009, not long after losing her mother to pancreatic cancer.  “When I first joined, everything was still incredibly raw,” Mrs. Sheinkop recalls, “but I couldn’t help but be drawn into the Foundation’s energy and camaraderie.  The desire to help, to make a difference, really spoke to me.”  READ MORE