Another Young Supporter!

Shaye Gruber is raising money for pancreatic cancer!

Shaye is turning 13 and is getting ready to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah.  During this exciting time he had an important decision to make. What would he choose for his Mitzvah Project?

"The bar/bat mitzvah is a peak experience in Jewish lives worthy of attention and celebration. During this time of increased consumption, a mitzvah project redirects some of our resources (our money, our time, our energy) toward social justice. It reminds us that the celebration of the bar/bat mitzvah student amid centerpieces, flowers, and balloons is not only a celebration of age and accomplishment but also a celebration of his/her capacity to heal the world." - The Jewish Journal

With the idea of "healing the world" in mind. Shaye chose a cause dear to his heart. He decided to raise necessary funds for the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation and their mission to find an early detection pancreatic cancer test.  He was inspired to help Rolfe due to the loss of a close family friend's mother, Levita Zucker, to Pancreatic Cancer. This loss allowed Shaye to see the impact of the disease and helped him realize something needed to be done to help change the devasting statistics that come along with a PC diagnosis.

Shaye created a gofundme page and is accepting donations to help fund early detection research and ultimately a cure! 100% of your donation will be used to help Rolfe in it's mission.

PLEASE NOTE:  in order to donate to Shaye you must do so via his gofundme page, not the Rolfe Foundation's website.