Bellicon Benefits Rolfe


Join the Rolfe Foundation’s Young Professionals Board for an introductory class at Bellicon: West Loop.  Jump into Bellicon’s world as you jump around on the trampoline, and alternate between a fierce cardio workout and some super strength training.  Sessions are high energy and high variety, and include elements of dance and movement; they’re as intense as they are fun!

Read More About Bellicon’s Chicago Studio Here: Bellicon Chicago

Register in advance by clicking the link below.  To take the class benefiting Rolfe’s YPB November Events Campaign, make sure you sign up for the Bellicon Bounce class on Saturday, November 5th at 9:00am, with Emily as your instructor. 

A one-time class will cost $15 dollars (the “first time” option).  Place that order in your cart, and you’re all set.  The entirety of your purchase will be gifted to Rolfe and benefit early detection pancreatic cancer research.  If signing up on-line is too complicated, you can reserve a spot by contacting, and specifying that you want to participate in the Rolfe class (see below for details).



Bellicon Bounce
Instructor: Emily
Saturday, November 5th, 2016.
9:00am – 9:45am


Bellicon: West Loop
650 West Lake St
Chicago, IL 60661 (map it!)


The class is a $15 online, or a $20 cash donation. 

Presented by Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Young Professionals Board:
2016 Event Chair: Megan Bornhauser
2016 Event Committee Chair: Jacob Murphy
2016 Young Professionals Board President: Gordon Rosen      

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