Deerfield High School Concludes Fundraising Efforts

After two all-too-short weeks of remarkable fundraising efforts, Deerfield High School has concluded their student-led charity drive, School Chest 2014. 

The Rolfe Foundation staff and supporters cannot begin to find enough superlatives to adequately convey our sense of awe and admiration for the energy and accomplishments of the DHS community. 

School Chest featured a packed schedule of diverse and exciting fundraising endeavors, and whether you found yourself at an ice-skating outing, an American Idol style sing-off, or munching on goodies from a bake sale, the one constant you found was the steadfast commitment of DHS students to support the cause of early detection. 

Their passion paid off. In just two short weeks, the Warriors of Deerfield High School left no stone unturned and raised $142,000 on behalf of the Rolfe Foundation – the highest fundraising total ever in the decades-long history of School Chest.

Please join us in thanking the astonishing students and staff of Deerfield High School for their inspirational work benefitting early detection pancreatic cancer research. 

They are a shining example of civic sprit, and the Rolfe Foundation will remain forever proud to have worked with such exceptional young people.

Click to see pictures from the Deerfield Hyatt Benefit