What is Domeapalooza?

Domeapalooza's history revolves around the structure itself: The Dome. The Schwartz family purchased the house in the winter of 2013 with intention to turn The Dome into a music studio. The opportunity to play in such a unique venue gave many the idea of holding a concert inside The Dome featuring several musicians all sharing the stage for friends and family.  

The first Domeapalooza was held in late July 2014.  The following year, it was used for a fundraiser for Melanoma; this concept eventually led to the founding of Domeapalooza Inc.  

In addition to raising awareness and money for cancer research, Domeapalooza aims to provide the opportunity for any musician to take the spotlight and perform multiple genres of live music for the audiences to experience.  

With multiple musical acts, unlimited food and drinks, and a phenomenal venue, Domeapalooza is excited to benefit the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation at this year’s event! 



Saturday, July 29th
3:00pm – 9:00pm


The Dome
570 Hathaway Circle
Lake Forest, IL 600045 (map it!)


Live music will be performed in The Dome from 4-9PM. Click HERE to see the lineup.


$25 (this covers all food and drink at the event)
***100% of all donations will go to Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation!***


Want to buy a Domeapoolza shirt and/or learn more about this awesome event and the people behind it? Click here for more information.