DASHing Together Virtually

DASHing for Community

At Rolfe Foundation, everything we do is in support of our community—whether you're in treatment, in remission or caring for a loved one—we remain here for you. During this year’s DASHing Together Virtually, we were reminded just how strong, generous and committed our community is, even in the most trying of times!

Coming together in support

We may be have been DASHing separately, but through all of the photos and videos shared across social media and email, it felt like we were joining together. It is because of your support that we’re excited to announce that we raised:

ALMOST $160,000

Your dedication to fight pancreatic cancer ensures our ability to continue to provide support and resources to patients, survivors and their families in crisis during these uncertain times. We look forward to DASHing with you next year and will announce a date and plans in the months to come.

Leading the Pack

Congratulations to our Incentives Winners whose videos of loved ones will be shared on our social channels:

Biggest Fundraiser: Teams

  • The Colleen Claffey Memorial Run
  • Team We Love Donna!

Biggest Fundraiser: Individuals

  • Toni Fabric
  • Beth Cohen-Dorfman

Congratulations to our Awards Winners whose photos and videos will be the stars of our 2021 DASH marketing campaign:

Largest Team

  • Team Megan

Best Selfies

  • The Colwell Family
  • Sandy’s Squad

Most Creative Posts

  • Kathy Ewing & Family
  • Nick Wood    

Our journey continues, and we’ll keep DASHing on. You can continue to support our efforts by donating here.