Rolfe Symposia

Stay informed by attending Rolfe's Education Symposia Series. These seminars are opportunities for patients, families, and Foundation supporters to hear from the scientific minds and trailblazers who are leading the charge against this horrific disease. Symposia are unique, community-building events, in which attendees can learn from experts in the field of pancreatic cancer research about a wide variety of topics, including medical treatment, scientific research, general health, and nutrition.

Rolfe Symposium - TBD:

The Rolfe Foundation staff and education committee are hard at work planning the next installment of our Educational Symposia series.  Check back here regularly for announcements about upcoming panels, or sign up for our newsletter to receive education updates in your inbox. 

To learn about previous Rolfe Symposia events, please explore the links below.


Hosted by the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Board of Directors:
2017 Event Chair: Harriet Wulfstat
2017 Board of Directors President: Jim Rolfe