Letter Writing

There’s nothing quite like receiving a letter in the mail these days, it’s a personal gesture that generates an astonishing response.  For the price of only a few postage stamps, you can help the Rolfe Foundation change the lives of pancreatic cancer patients everywhere.

The Rolfe Foundation’s annual letter writing campaign is one of our simplest and most effective fundraising efforts. Every year, supporters of the Rolfe Foundation compile lists of friends, family and acquaintances. Working with our supporters, we draft personalized appeals letters, and on average raise almost $100,000.

The Rolfe Foundation staff and supporters typically gather for a few informal letter writing and envelope-stuffing get-togethers every year. These community-building events are a yearly highlight of our events calendar, and if you are interested in joining us for one, or would like to contribute names and address for this year’s letter writing appeal, please contact the Rolfe Foundation office at 773-989-1108 
or info@rolfefoundation.org.