Host your own event

Each year, Rolfe supporters both near and far connect with the Foundation by digging into their personal resources, and crafting innovative fundraising events.

Hosting an event in your community is an intimate and powerful way to both fundraise, and increase awareness of pancreatic cancer. There are lots of things you can do - throw a fancy gala, put on a bake sale, organize a scavenger hunt - and whether you raise $100 or $1,000,000 - connecting your friends, family, and wider community with the battle against pancreatic cancer is impossible to place a value on. Plus, when you put all the little events out there together, they really add up, and each dollar sent our way becomes crucial ammunition in the battle against pancreatic cancer.


Ideas for Events:

In case you’re not exactly sure what kind of event you’d like to host, we thought we would share some examples of activities that have been successful in the past:

Social Events: People love having a good time for a great cause. Some of the simplest ideas for events can be the best. Throwing a cocktail party, wine tasting, dinner, or bake sale in your own home, or at a nearby venue is an intimate expression of your passion. Teaming with a local hospitality establishment is a great way to showcase their business and support for charitable endeavors.

  • Bowling Night
  • Golf Outing
  • Concerts
  • Cocktail Party or Wine Tasting
  • Bake Sale
  • Host a Dance

Sometimes your overhead can inflate when you are putting on a social event. Remember to try to keep costs low by searching for goods and services that can be donated. If you are going to do a wine tasting, for instance, team with a wine distributor who is looking to showcase a new product, and would be willing to donate a few cases for your event. In our experience, people have an amazing capacity to give. All you have to do is ask.

Athletic Events: An event with a sporting spirit is a terrific opportunity to engage numerous communities. Participating competitors and supportive spectators become enthusiast advocates for your cause. Entry fees, seating, team sponsorships, and food and drink all become fundraising opportunities. Get some local business to donate fun prizes for your event’s winning team, and you are sure to be out of sign-up spots in no time.

  • Softball Game
  • Kickball Tournament
  • Swim Races
  • Bicycle Treks
  • Community Walk/Run
  • Basketball Tournament
  • Volleyball Tournament

To make an athletic event extra successful, try to avoid paying for or renting facilities. See if you can get a sponsor to underwrite the cost, or if the venue itself wants to make a demonstration of its civic spirit and waive their fee for a tax-deductible donation.

Performance Events: Are you involved in the arts, or have friends who are? Do you have access to a stage or theater? Putting on a concert, a comedy night, or a show of any kind is a unique, and entertaining experience your friends and community will rally to. If you can get a venue, talent, and food/beverage services to donate some time and/or product, you are well on your way to putting on very a memorable show.

  • Concert/Music Night.
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Comedy Night
  • Talent/Variety Show

Performance events are well augmented by raffles and silent auctions.

Collegiate & School-Based Events: You’re never too young to start giving back to your community – our young professionals board is proof of that. If you are a parent, teacher, or student, there are endless opportunities for you to organize fundraisers both large and small with your school. Whether it’s a one-night-only event, or a month-long, school-wide effort, the built-in infrastructure and community of your school will provide you with a very special kind of support. Here are some events that have been successful before:

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Kickball Tournament
  • Dodge-ball Tournament
  • Bake Sale
  • Costume Party
  • School Plays
  • School Dance
  • Talent/Variety Show
  • Battle of the Bands

One of the great things about school-based fundraisers is the possibility to mix and match events. If your school can commit to a week-long campaign (or multi-week), you can put on a variety show one night, do a basketball tournament another, and organize a dance on yet another. Toss in some bake sales, raffles, and silent auctions, and you have the makings of an extremely successful fundraising effort.