Life Insurance

Life Insurance that you no longer need for your family security may be donated to The Rolfe Foundation by transferring ownership of the policy or naming the foundation as a beneficiary. Your estate may be entitled to a charitable deduction for the proceeds passing to the Rolfe Foundation.

Benefits of this of gift include:

  • A corresponding charitable deduction is available to the estate.
  • Gifting a policy can also yield a current income tax deduction of the policy’s fair market value.

How to proceed:

  • Contact your life insurance company to request a change-of-beneficiary form or alert the insurance company of your intent to gift the policy to the Foundation.
  • Name The Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation as a beneficiary for either all or a percentage of the policy’s value.
  • Return the updated form to your insurance company.
  • Contact the Rolfe office for information and to notify us of your intentions.

Rolfe Foundation's Name, Address, and Tax ID:

Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation
4809 N. Ravenswood, Ste. 326
Chicago, IL 60640
Tax ID #: 36-4338152