Pig Pals 4 Pancreatic Cancer

Sofia Cabrera, a 5th grader at Owen Elementary in Naperville, is doing a "Capstone" school project. She chose pancreatic cancer because when she was a little girl she lost her grandmother to the disease. Sofia's goal is to raise $50 by selling "Pig Pals." These are tiny, homemade, cylinder-shaped (incredibly cute!) stuffed pigs.  

The Pig Pals are $3 each and the proceeds benefit the Rolfe Foundation. Sofia found the Rolfe Foundation through online research and selected us earlier in the year and has been promoting us, at her school and to her family and friends, since her decision to benefit us! 

While the selling of the Pig Pals has a limited timeframe, Sofia will be developing a powerpoint about pancreatic cancer and the Rolfe Foundation to complete her project - - we hope we can get/share a copy of that too!  

Please visit the website Sofia created at http://pigpals4progress.weebly.com/about.html to learn more about her project and to purchase your very own Pig Pal!