Rolfe Foundation Has a New Website!

Just in time for DASH for Detection (have you registered your team yet?  Don’t forget, the 5K walk/run is only eight weeks away!), the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new on-line home:!!!

Completely re-built from top to bottom, this gleaming representation of the Rolfe Foundation puts our mission and work front and center.   The importance of early detection research is stressed throughout its pages, and a special emphasis has been placed on providing greater access to resources and support services for those seeking information about pancreatic cancer.

The new website is more user-friendly than ever, and its launch marks the first step of an on-going process to grow the Rolfe Foundation’s online presence. 

The Foundation staff has plans to make regular updates to the new website, so make sure you remain part of our progress by bookmarking us and following our posts on facebook and twitter.


Help make the launch of our new website an unqualified success!  We want to commemorate the unveiling of our new digital home by raising $10,000 via online donations in the first month of the site’s life.  You can ensure we reach that goal by making a one-time donation of $20 to $100 right now!  Donate Now!


Take a second right now and share the new website ( on social media, or in an e-mail to your friends.  Remember, raising awareness of pancreatic cancer is a crucial front in the effort to advance the cause of early detection.

Thank you again for your continued support of the Rolfe Foundation.  You make all our progress possible.

See you at DASH!