Rolfe Symposium:                          Analyzing Your Genome

A Successful Symposium:

The Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation could not have been more pleased by our latest Educational Symposia Series: Analyzing Your Genome, a Discussion on Personalized Medicine, co-hosted by Cancer Wellness Center: Northbrook, and led by Doctor Daniel Catenacci, MD from the University of Chicago.

Addressing a large and curious crowd, Dr. Catenacci was even better than advertised.  A thoughtful and engaging speaker, his presentation explored a number of interesting and exciting disciplines in the world of cancer research.  In particular, he detailed the specifics of his own remarkable research in precision oncology, and the practice of incorporating a patient’s unique genetic make-up in treatment decisions.

“I found him to be a wonderful speaker,” remarked Board President Kevin Braude.  “He was straightforward, and extremely informative.“ 

Mr. Braude’s fellow attendees couldn’t seem to agree more.  Whether delving into the particulars of DNA sequencing, explaining the benefits of genomic testing, or demonstrating the path research takes on its way to becoming treatment, Dr. Catenacci made complex concepts readily approachable.  He transported listeners into the research lab and laid out a path to future progress:

“It’s organizations like Rolfe that make what I do possible,” offered Dr. Catenacci towards the end of his talk. “Without their funding, without your help, research like mine wouldn’t exist.  Their work is a crucial part of the cancer battle.”

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See Pictures from the Symposium

The Rolfe Foundation would like to thank our co-hosts, Cancer Wellness Center: Northbrook, for helping make this installment of our Educational Symposia series possible.  We would also like to thank the event’s devoted chair, Harriet Wulfstat, along with Ellen Clark of the University of Chicago Medicine, for their time and energy.

Hosted by the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Board of Directors:
2016 Event Chair: Harriet Wulfstat
2016 Board of Directors President: Kevin Braude