Tips For Hosting Your Own Event

To help you prepare for your event, we've collected some tips that have been helpful to organizers of past Rolfe Foundation functions.

Work With a Team: 

Events are most successful when there’s a team behind them. Any event, even a small one, can be a lot of work for one person. When a team gets behind an effort, however, not only is there a larger community engaged from the onset, the organizational and logistical work gets spread around, and there are more resources to be pooled.

Keep Overhead Low:

Expenses for events can sneak up on you, and quickly add up. Make sure you avoid adding to your overhead. For instance: if you are going to host a bowling night, consider choosing a bowling alley with a less convenient location that will donate space/shoes/lanes – rather than a more local option that is seeking rental fees.  There are always tradeoffs to consider, but by keeping your expenses minimal you really maximize your fundraising efforts.

Get Goods/Services Donated:

Look to get food, drinks, goods and services donated whenever possible. Businesses understand you’re working on behalf of a charity, and they’re often more accommodating of your requests than you might imagine. 

Use a Simple Fundraising Platform:

A simple and easy way to build a fundraising page that links directly to the Rolfe Foundation is to visit our dedicated page at and click “Fundraise for this Cause.” You can quickly upload details about your event, photos, a story about your connection pancreatic cancer, and details about your goals. Plus it’s very easy to track donations! Another option is to work with our office staff, and build a donation option for your event on our main donation page. To begin this process, please email  

Acknowledge Donors:

Make sure to thank any donating businesses by acknowledging their contributions whenever possible. Are your printing flyers? Can you place their logo on there? If you can, we’re sure they’d love it.

Make Sure to Publicize Early and Often:

Make sure to get the word out about your event early, so your friends and family have time to mark their calendars. Then don’t forget to continue to get the word out! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, post reminders to your own profiles, and make sure to visit a bulletin board or two.