Your Gifts At Work

In 2015 the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation pledged $361,448 in grants to support cutting-edge research in top-tier laboratories across the country, a 30% increase from 2014.  

Major grants included:

"There is a real sense that a solid breakthrough is just beyond the horizon.” - Rolfe Board Member and Science Committee Chair, Lisa Burik

University of Chicago – $125,000

Two separate grants were awarded to the University of Chicago; $50,000 was guided to a study examining non-invasive imaging techniques, and $75,000, contributed via the Deerfield High School 2014 School Chest, was directed to enable the work of a brand-new Rolfe Fellow, Kinga Skowron, MD.

Johns Hopkins Medicine – $120,000

The Foundation continued its longstanding partnership with the distinguished physicians of Johns Hopkins Medicine, and under the auspice of Dr. Ralph Hruban, we funded investigations into genetic sequencing, the process of metastasis, and advanced screening systems.

Lustgarten Partnership – $104,448

With the Lustgarten Scientific Advisory Board, Rolfe fueled $75,000 towards an analysis of the relationship between pancreatic cancer and obesity at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, contributed $25,000 to the development of a sophisticated imaging program designed to detect tissue changes at Columbia University, and applied $4,448 to Lustgarten’s general early detection fund.

Patient Services – $12,000

To assist those in need of community and counsel, Rolfe demonstrated its ongoing commitment to discussion groups at Cancer Wellness Center: Northbrook, and Wellness House (Hindsdale).

“We’re seeing our funding fuel lots of progress,” observed Rolfe Board Member and Science Committee Chair, Lisa Burik.  “The work our long-term partners are undertaking, examining genetic markers and developing non-invasive imaging technology is really promising.  Every time I speak with someone from the lab, the news is good.  There is a real sense that a solid breakthrough is just beyond the horizon.”