YPB Officers and Board Members

YPB Officers:

Rachel Skeels - President
Rachel's father was diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer in June 2016, and early detection has played a very important role in his prognosis. Rachel is new to the YPB and is excited to support a great cause. 

Megan Bornhauser - Immediate Past President
Megan lost her grandfather just 4 months after diagnosis and only one week before she graduated with her Masters.  He taught her life lessons that she continues to use every day. 

Storm Saponaro - Vice President
Storm serves on with the Rolfe Foundation to honor his father Chuck, who was lost to pancreatic cancer in 2009.

Annie Betti – Secretary 
Annie's cousin, Megan, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 24 and fought bravely for 6 months before losing her battle in 2014.  Annie joined YPB in honor of Megan and to continue her fight.

YPB Board Members:

Zach Boehler:
Zach has seen how this disease has affected people close to him very deeply. He know this is a very important cause and wants to do anything he can to help.

Julia Braude:
Julia was first introduced to the foundation in 2003 when her papa Kenny was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Ever since then, Julia and her family have been devoted to getting involved with the foundation in order to find an early detection test for this horrific disease. Julia is joining the board to honor her grandfather's memory.

Katherine Dorn Clark:
Katherine's Aunt passed away just four months after receiving her diagnosis, leaving behind family and friends that were devastated.  Katherine joined the board to keep the spirit of her Aunt alive and in the hopes that someday other families won't experience the same devastation. 

Alex Cohen:
Alex is new to Rolfe YPB and is excited to become more involved!

Melissa Galvan:
Melissa is new to Rolfe YPB and is excited to become more involved!

Robin Goldberg: 
Robin’s mother, Susan, passed away 14 months after first being diagnosed, living a year longer than her initial prognosis. Robin is proud to carry on her resilient spirit.

Allison Grobbel:
Allison comes to Rolfe Foundation after an active membership with the Pancreatic Cancer Active Network in Detroit. After researching Rolfe and our YBP, she found Rolfe to be the perfect "family-like" foundation she was looking for. She is excited to continue her efforts in participation of support groups, research, and her drive to find a cure for Pancreatic Cancer. While her Uncle (Godfather) and Grandmother both lost their battles with Pancreatic Cancer, she believes it's not too late to continue fighting for a cure.

Mollie Kaplan:
Mollie first discovered Rolfe through DASHforDetection, in honor of her best friend’s aunt. She grew closer to the Foundation when her students chose Rolfe as their beneficiary for the DHS charity drive. She ultimately joined the board in hopes of finding an early detection test.

Bret Keil:
Bret was first introduced to the foundation when he volunteered at Casino Night.  He was inspired to join the board by the stories of those affected and the passion of the board members.

Matt Lescohier:
Matt serves on the Rolfe Young Professionals Board in honor of his uncle, Eric Novak, who is bravely fighting pancreatic cancer after being diagnosed in 2015. 

Nikki Levy:
Nikki serves on the Rolfe Young Professionals Board in honor of her dad, Joel Levy, who lost his fight to pancreatic cancer in 2010.  

Alex Loeb: 
Alex is dedicated to eradicating pancreatic cancer in honor of his mother, Anne, whose wit, compassion and dedication to her family are missed every day.

Bailey Mahlberg:
Bailey lost her uncle/god father to pancreatic cancer in 2016 is motivated to connect with others who have experienced the shock and devastation that her family went through. She is also very passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, and doing all that she can to increase awareness and raise funds for early detection.

Jacob Murphy: 
Jacob lost his grandmother to pancreatic cancer when he was 14 years old. She fought bravely for six years, and he’s been fighting on her behalf ever since.

Grace Nelson:
Grace and her family passionately spread awareness and support research for pancreatic cancer after the loss of their mother, Clare Nelson on Christmas Eve 2016. Her mom was battled courageously for a year and a half, taking advantage of every moment. Grace joined the YPB to continue the fight against this disease.

Jamee Pearlstein:  
Jamee cherishes the memory of her father, who wrestled with pancreatic cancer for a year and half, and was a fighter his entire life. He taught her to be the same.

Annie Rolfe:
Annie is new to Rolfe YPB and is excited to become more involved!

Gordon Rosen:
Gordon never knew his grandmother, losing her to pancreatic cancer when he was only three years old. He joined YPB after his father-in-law was taken by the same disease in 2010, and has been a dedicated advocate of early detection ever since.

Heather Rosen:
Heather’s father passed away in her arms, on the morning of her 24th birthday, just ten months after being diagnosed. He remains her rock, and Heather fights tirelessly in his memory.

Danielle Sharfman:
Within 6 months, two people very close to Danielle were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She joined the YPB to honor their ongoing strength and to support Rolfe’s mission alongside an incredible group of people. 

Jordan Sheinkop:
Jordan is new to Rolfe YPB and is excited to become more involved!

Ryan Shepherd:
Ryan lost his grandfather to pancreatic cancer in 2012. Having seen how short and swift his grandfather’s battle was, Ryan joined the YPB to give others a fighting chance through early detection. 

Justin Starr:
Justin became aware of YPB while sitting next to Rolfe's Executive Director at a healthcare event. He later attended a Rolfe fundraiser where he was overwhelmed by the impact of pancreatic cancer, yet more so, by the bravery of those who had been affected. He joined the board in 2017 to fight on behalf of all of those in the battle.

Luke Sullivan:
Luke is committed to early detection pancreatic research in honor of his grandmother, Ruth, who passed away ten months after being diagnosed.

Shelly Swan:
Shelly and her siblings lost their mother, Gloria, at the young age of 49. She was taken by the devastating disease of pancreatic cancer in just 4 weeks from diagnosis. Shelly became involved with the YPB to support the mission of early detection so others won't have to go through the pain and suffering that Gloria and her loved ones went through.

Michael Turek:
Michael's uncle was diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer after visiting the hospital with flu-like symptoms. He passed away four months later. Michael joined the YPB to honor his uncle and support early detection research.

Lindsey Weingart:
Lindsey’s father, Commander Robert P. Weingart, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May 2015 and passed away one week after he was diagnosed with the deadly disease. Lindsey joined YPB in honor of her father and to help prevent other families from losing their loved ones way too soon.

Chris Williams:
After sharing the story of his mother and uncle, who both passed away from pancreatic cancer, a friend had introduced Chris to the Young Professionals Board. Chris is excited to contribute to such a passionate group of people on their mission to fund early detection tests and spread awareness. 

Jeff Williams:
Jeff is new to Rolfe YPB and is excited to become more involved!

Oriane Williams:
Oriane is new to Rolfe YPB and is excited to become more involved!

Clare Willis:
Clare's grandmother, Paulette, passed away from pancreatic cancer. Clare chose to honor her grandmother's legacy, of tireless volunteer service, by joining the YPB.   

Taylor Wilson:
Taylor serves on the Rolfe Young Professionals board in honor of her father Wayne, who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2008.