Wellness Month

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday!

As a way to continually support our community during this trying time, we’re dedicating every Wednesday in May to focus on in-home wellness tools and techniques! We’ve partnered with an amazing group of wellness experts to talk about the topics that are important to patients, survivors, and caretakers alike.

From nutrition and stress management, to the power of music and exercise, we’ll bring our community together virtually to stay connected and receive the continued support each of us needs right now. We can’t wait to see you there! 



May 27th at 1PM CDT

Managing Relationships, Stress, Wellness and Sleep
Q&A with Grounded Wellness LLC experts: (Facebook Live)

Dr. Rebecca Hubbard (Licensed Clinical Psychologist): Tips for Taking Care of Relationships
Dana Medlin (Health Coach): Managing Stress to Promote Wellness
Lisa Trogdon (Health Coach): Tips for Better Sleep 

Self-care needs to be a habit, not an exception. In the best of times, it is an important priority that often gets overlooked. In dire times there's an even greater need to focus on how to handle the challenges we're facing. The team from Grounded Wellness, known for being a community resource for mental health providing holistic support to the well-being of their clients, is here to show you how. Whether you're in treatment, in remission or caring for a loved one, it's time to focus on you! 

Grounded Wellness started as a solo psychotherapy practice in 2015 and has grown into a community resource for mental health that provides holistic support to the wellbeing of our clients. All of the services we offer are designed to contribute to people working towards being their best selves, while finding the balance of strength and humility. We offer individual, couples and group psychotherapy with a strong foundation in how identities and relationships impact our emotional experiences. We also provide sport and performance psychology consultations for athletic performance, performing arts professionals, and other performance situations (e.g., test taking and public speaking). Our self-care workshops emphasize the importance of making self-care a habit, not an exception! We believe in the mind-body connection, which has led to including virtual health coaches to support you in reaching your goals related to your physical health. Grounded Wellness is here to help you be your best.


May 6th at 11AM CDT

Stress and Nutrition Management with Robin Goldberg Nutrition + Wellness (Facebook Live)
Robin is an experienced nutrition and wellness consultant who creates customized programs that best fits your individual needs and lifestyle. She provides the education, accountability and skills needed to make a lifestyle change that betters your overall health and wellness for the long term.

Catch the replay!

May 13th at 9AM CDT

Family Music & Movement Class with Bubbles Academy (Facebook Live)
Music can lift our spirits, lower levels of stress-related hormones, ease pain and fight depression. Music brings us together, which is especially important during a time when we’re all apart. So let's connect! Let's bring together children, parents and grandparents—patients, survivors and caregivers—through the power of music and dance. *Recommended for ages 0-5 years, but older siblings—and grown ups—are sure to have fun too! 

Bubbles Academy is Chicago's premier early childhood arts enrichment center and preschool located in Lincoln Park. Get movin' & groovin' with us in a Virtual Family Music & Movement class.

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May 20th at 4PM CDT

Workout with Shred415! (Zoom)
Did you know that exercise has so many more benefits than physical health? It can also make you happy. Not to mention that a growing amount of research shows that regular exercise can greatly improve physical and mental health during every phase of treatment. What better time to find ways to be happy, relaxed and rested? Grab the family and join us tomorrow as Sara Goldberg with Shred415 virtually lead us through a 30 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout. Grab a towel and water bottle, and let's come together and get ready to sweat!

Shred415 is more than a workout. For more information about Shred415 contact info@shred415.com

JOIN HERE (Meeting ID: 910 6961 3162 Password: 384666)

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