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Host Your Own Rolfe Celebration For Our 25th Anniversary!  

Whether it’s in honor of a loved one or just a friendly get-together, your Rolfe at 25 celebrations can make a meaningful impact on the lives of Pancreatic Cancer patients and their families. From Trivia Nights to Yoga in the Park, past events have been diverse and exciting.

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Need details? Email us, and we’ll guide you every step of the way. Your support ensures specialized resources for patients, survivors, and families, and funds crucial early detection research. Every dollar counts in the fight against this disease, and we’re grateful for your role in our mission!

An inspiring young supporter has created Goodies That Give, an online bake sale in memory of her grandfather.

Each year the Rotman family hosts a hot dog fundraiser in a local restaurant to honor Michael Rotman and his dream of owning a hot dog and burger place.

Purple Power Tees was created by Rolfe board member Jami Sharfman. Every dollar made from selling these colorful hand-dyed pieces is donated.

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