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Building Connections.
Funding Research.
Ongoing Support & Education.

We provide education, resources, and a network of medical experts to help you and your family fight a Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis. We continue to fund early detection research and education because we know that provides the highest probability of successful treatment. Like you, we yearn for a cure. In the meantime, we remain committed to you and your loved ones.
We are in this fight together.

Cheers to 25 Years of Impact!

For a quarter of a century, you’ve been a driving force behind Rolfe Foundation’s significant impact, touching the lives of thousands. Despite promising medical advancements, the loved ones we’ve lost to this disease are profound. Their cherished legacies are the reason we continue our fight. Join us throughout the year for festivities that highlight our journey together and share stories of those gone too soon. Let’s celebrate our loved ones and achievements while we gear up for the exciting future ahead! Here’s to you and 25 years of making an impactful change!

“Thank you for what your organization is doing for Lisa and the many people like her. I know that having your organization for guidance and support has been an enormous gift to her and her family.”

– Elisa Bailis

Wellness Wednesday

In these free, virtual programs, expert guests discuss the latest treatments, nutritional advice, exercises, genetic testing, and research in the fight against Pancreatic Cancer.

Register for the latest event, watch or listen to past episodes, and learn more about the program below.


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