Grants Awarded

Rolfe funding is awarded through a rigorous review process that ensures it goes to premier medical researchers focused on Pancreatic Cancer.

By awarding grants to top scientific minds and premier medical institutions like Johns Hopkins and the University of Chicago, the Rolfe Foundation champions the early detection research that will improve outcomes in Pancreatic Cancer detection and treatment.

Over the years, we have allocated funding for a number of groundbreaking projects. Read more about our most recently awarded grants below or see the latest updates on all grants via the 2022 Impact Infographic.


2022 Grants Awarded

Johns Hopkins – Grant 1

This project involves using 2 different, complimentary and somewhat novel techniques to analyze the cellular make up of pancreatic tissue in samples collected. Knowing what characteristics exist in a “normal” pancreas vs those in the pancreas of someone ultimately diagnosed with cancer will enable better screening and prevention of PDAC. In addition, the samples will have numerous additional uses, beyond this current project.

Principal Investigator: Laura D. Woodd, MD, PhD

Johns Hopkins – Grant 2

Determine morphological (relating to the scientific study of the structure and form) properties of ten large 3D samples of human liver containing untreated or treated pancreatic cancer metastases to inform our understanding of metastatic patterns.

Principal Investigator: Ashley Kiemen, PhD

Johns Hopkins – Grant 3

Improve understanding of the genetic and biological basis of Pancreatic Cancer is critical to improving patient outcomes through personalized risk assessment, clinical surveillance, interception, and targeted therapies.

Principal Investigator: Nicholas J. Roberts, Vet.M.B., PhD

Lustgarten Foundation

The LABS (LUSTGARTEN ADVANCING BREAKTHROUGH SCIENCE) Program, a hallmark of the Lustgarten Foundation’s unique research strategy, provides long-term funding to promote the development of innovative ideas and speed the pace of discovery by incentivizing interdisciplinary team science. Each institution receives $5 million over 5 years. One of the focuses of the LABS program is to accelerate the advancement of new approaches to enable the early detection of Pancreatic Cancer.

Wellness House

Wellness House envisions a community where all people affected by cancer thrive. Recognizing that psychosocial issues add to the suffering created by cancer and prevent access and adherence to treatments, they offer free programs to educate, support, and empower participants so they will improve their physical and emotional health.

Cancer Wellness Center (Northbrook)

Grant money will be utilized to partially fund the following services: counseling programs, weekly support groups, the monthly Pancreatic Cancer Networking Group, educational programs, wellness programs and outreach to provide psychosocial support, presentations and activities for the pancreatic cancer community.

See full details on all of our grants awarded in 2022: