Harriet’s Helping Hands

Harriet’s Helping Hands began when the family of Harriet Wulfstat, inspired by her passion for life and helping others, wanted to continue her legacy of supporting people through their experience with Pancreatic Cancer.

Leaning into their family’s values, Harriet advocated for and launched a patient support program at the University of Chicago. With the support of the Gerald O. Mann Foundation, of which the Wulfstat family are the trustees, Rolfe took over the effort, now called Harriet’s Helping Hands, to expand its “boots on the ground” patient support program. Rolfe has grown the program with connections to all Chicagoland hospitals.

Remembering Harriet Wulfstat

Harriet was known for her love of helping others. Her compassion and strength truly shined, nothing could dim her light. She was a dedicated Rolfe volunteer and Board Member and served as a trustee of a private foundation supporting Pancreatic Cancer research and patient support. Her legacy continues through the Harriet’s Helping Hands program.

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