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Ken Brown’s 10-Year Anniversary Fundraiser: Chicago Sprint Triathlon

August 22, 2023 - August 27, 2023

Ken Brown considers himself lucky. When he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer nearly ten years ago, the cancer was in its early stages. Under the specialized care of Dr. Malcolm Bilimoria of Northwest Community Healthcare, Ken underwent a successful Whipple procedure. This major surgery removes the head of the pancreas, the first part of the small intestine, the gallbladder, and the bile duct.  

Each year, Ken celebrates January 8, the anniversary of his life-saving surgery, as the day he saw himself as cancer free.   

I realize how incredibly fortunate I am to have had an early diagnosis, access to incredible doctors and treatments, support of family and friends, and to still be here today,” shared Ken. 

Since that fateful day in 2014, Ken has lived to demonstrate that life doesn’t end with a cancer diagnosis. He has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about Pancreatic Cancer and support others walking a similar path. This, and his adventurous spirit, has taken him to incredible places, including climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro along with Dr. Bilimoria. His journey to raise awareness has been widely featured in the press and social media. Ken’s determination is an ongoing reminder that anything is possible and to continue to live his dreams.  

Ken decided to commemorate his 10th anniversary by competing—at age 74—in the Chicago Sprint Triathlon. Combining a half-mile swim, 15-mile bike ride, and 3.1-mile run will be a first for the Chicago-area attorney. 

“I made this decision with only three weeks before race day,” said Ken. “I really can’t run, but that won’t stop me from attempting to compete for as long as I can. I have a close friend who is struggling with her recent diagnosis. I’m also doing this to support her.” 

Ken is leveraging his race participation to spread awareness about the disease. He chose Rolfe Foundation as the beneficiary of his efforts because he likes the organization’s personalized support at a time when patients and families need it most. 

“While there have been significant advancements in treatments over the past ten years, Pancreatic Cancer remains a deadly disease. I have lost two friends in the past year alone,” said Ken. “That’s why raising awareness and funding early detection research are crucial to improving outcomes.” 

Funds raised during Ken’s triathlon experience will go toward Rolfe’s work to provide much-needed personalized support for patients and their families, and fund early detection research. 

“My objective is to use my triathlon participation to spread awareness about Pancreatic Cancer,” said Ken. “I don’t have any specific fundraising dollar amount as a goal. On the contrary, in order to spread awareness, I am really just looking for as many people to click on the link and donate whatever amount they can to support Rolfe’s efforts.” 

Ken keeps reminders of how far he’s come close by and for all to see. There are currently nine Pancreatic Cancer bracelets on his left wrist that he never removes. 

“I add a new bracelet every year on January 8. In a couple of months, I’ll add my tenth. It’s a daily reminder of my good fortune,” added Ken. 

Join Ken in supporting Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation by making a donation through his page!

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